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What is a Founding Sponsor

A Founding Sponsor is a corporation that chooses to sign on as one of the first 100 customers of the product. This comes with special perks such as receiving a 10% discount from our promotional products division, being included in the Founding Advisory Council to help shape the forward-going product decisions to your needs, having your linked logo places on our Founding Sponsors page, and many others. We understand that supplier diversity does not always have a large budget and so the sponsorship model allows supplier diversity and procurement to work with marketing and their budgets toward making this happen for their team and their communities.

What is the commitment?

We ask that you sign on for a 3-year contract. The reason for this is that we will be utilizing your feedback to make periodic updates and changes to the product. We will also be adding more useful features during this time which vastly increase the utility of our product and expand into other procurement divisions. Because of this, we will be most successful with you with you staying the course for the full three years.

What are the Founding Sponsor funds used for?

We will be using these funds to hire engineer, customer experience, sales, and operations talent and accounting for three years for these employee expenses. Additionally, we will be using these funds for other legal and operational expenses over three years to create the most solid market position for our company. The first year will be a build year where we focus exclusively on our Founding Sponsors and year 2 will be quite heavy on growth initiatives once we are able to nail down the most perfect product-market fit.

When is your expected launch date?

We will launch exclusively to Founding Sponsors on January 25th, 2023. At a later date (6+ months) - we will launch to the general public after we have made our first major products updates based on our close monitoring of the Founding Sponsor relationship with our product.

Can I speak with someone on your team?

Absolutely! Please use the 'Become a Founding Sponsor' buttons on our homepage to put time on our calendar that is convenient for you.